Beautiful Little Lakes in Sobretta Valley

Starting and arriving point
Difference in level
Difficulty (T=easy, E=middle, EE=for experienced trekkers)
S. Caterina Valfurva - Val Sobretta - Bocca di Profa - Valle delle Presure - Profa Alta - Boero - Frontale
8 h
SUMMARY: It isn't just a cross, but requires good visibility. Two cars are needed, one for S. Caterina Valfurva, the other for the DX curve after Frontale (over the Le Prese) of the road rising to Fumero. Just beyond San Matteo of St. Caterina Valfurva we take the road to the right and then the dirt track that is to the right. After the Bridge of Sighs we leave the track by taking a path that goes up to the left (No. 20) to Sclanera. We continue on the track that runs through the meadows and falls into the woods. On a tree we find a red-white-red sign with number 20. After a short downhill we are at a crossroads: we take the path to the left that starts as a track and then becomes a path, then we go cross a wood (path is sometimes weak, ONO direction), then we go out and proceed on paleofrana entering Val Sobretta on its western side, meeting in succession three little rock towers. After the third little rock tower (m. 2320) we descend to a basin and with some ups and downs we are on the floor of the Baitin of the Pastors. Path 18 reaches us from the right. We follow the white-red signposts remaining on the left of the plain. To the left of the Sobretta stream we pass a first threshold, then after a plain we climb again and come to the view of the Mouth of Profa, which we reach easily, passing to the left of the Beautiful Little Lakes (2663 m). We descend to the lakes of Profa, following signs and oms and passing to the right of Lake Brodeg and to the left of the Three Mote Lake. When the marked path takes to the right, for the Alps Profa, we leave it at the left of the valley, because a large bouldering does not allow us to follow the original path. We are at the most delicate point for orientation. Let's take the left, heading to the torrent that comes out of Lake Brodeg and passing it from right to left: we find, on this side, a trail of path that winds through the moving stones, without any problems, to a wonderful plateau at the feet of the threshold of the upper valley, at an approximate height of 2370 meters. To our right, at a certain distance, we see the microlaghetto called locally "lach del pian pöirìf". Crossing a plateau in the center, we go down to a basin, without a compulsory path, along a morainic slope. at the bottom of the planes, bounded to our left, by a morainic bush. A bit before the middle of the plain, we bend decisively to the left and overtake the boulder, descending then over the creek from right to left. Now we have to cross a frantic body without any sign of reference, pointing at the rocks overlooking the grassy slope on the opposite side of the boulder. We take as reference two young larch twins in the middle of the band. Touch the first pastures beyond the bend, and look for the trail of footpath that, crossing the skies, begins to descend into the median section of the Valley of the Presure, between thin pastures, larches and signs of ancient creeps. The track is no longer lost, but we must also be very careful because, in a couple of points, it is almost overwhelming to the huge crevasse that opens to our right. Let us now strictly descent off the path. After passing two crumbling bodies, we enter a larch forest and enter a wider path that comes from the right. Going to the left we are at the alpine of Profa Alta. On the opposite side of the meadows (sign "Boero"), a marked path crosses a steep slope and leads to Boero's alpine. From here, following a car drive, we go down the road from Frontale to Fumero, where we recover the second car.

Sobretta Valley

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